Anne-Marie Renan

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Anne-Marie Renan portrait

Born in Brittany in 1974, Anne-Marie Renan has spent the last 20 years living and working in Aix-en-provence.

From her Breton heritage, Renan retains a strength and confidence which translate on canvas through bold strokes and movements. Combined with the light of the south, her works tell stories that emanate from the contrasts and tensions of these lived landscapes and of her visceral responses to the experience of life itself.

Sensitive and intuitive, she is deeply connected to her surroundings, to the lines, textures and colors she observes in nature. She channels the splendor and harmony she observes in natural beauty to nourish her art.

The streaks that are emblematic of her style are the expression of fragmented memories buried deep within her. These memories spontaneously rise to the surface as the stimuli and creative impulse which Renan teases and encourages with an enthusiasm and vital energy visible in her final pieces. From her extended, free-flowing lines comes a language, a singular vocabulary, revealing an intimate map of herself.

The reveal of the movement on paper and canvas confirms an intention, an affirmation of Renan’s presence in the world. Her art exudes an undeniable physical and emotional sincerity: it springs from the moments in which she is absolutely honest with herself and the moment.

Whether her movements are bubbling and repeated until their very density saturates and they become imperceptible, or whether they are invisible to the eye, they are always present in spirit, in their long-lasting vibrations. They act with the force of waves, and explode beyond the spatial confines of the canvas, because inevitably, what can be seen could be a pretext.

Anne-Marie Renan is chasing the uncapturable, the ephemeral sparkle of life.